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Arizona Republic Won't Recognize Union; Stage Set For Employee Vote

September 19, 2019

Greg Burton, executive editor of the Arizona Republic, refused to recognize a union despite proponents saying they have more than 70% support from employees. Read more.

An Arizona Republic Union Organizer Responds To Exec's Surveillance Accusations

September 3, 2019

Arizona Republic Guild organizer Rebekah Sanders visited KJZZ's "The Show" to respond to allegations by Republic Executive Editor Greg Burton that employees were surveilled by union organizers. Read more.

Gannett, Gatehouse Announce Monstrous Merger as Republic Talks Union

July 26, 2019

As yet another rapacious hedge fund considers devouring the Arizona Republic's corporate parent, Gannett, the Rep's journalists, or at least some of them, may be considering the benefits of organized labor. Read more. 

Newsroom staff at Arizona Republic, a Gannett paper, moves to unionize ahead of GateHouse deal

September 4, 2019

Fear of cuts is spurring the effort to organize. Will other papers follow? Read more.

Arizona Republic Boss Compares Unionizing Staff to 'Crackpots and Criminals'

August 30, 2019

The top editor of the Arizona Republic accused unionizing employees of surveilling co-workers and compared newsroom organizers to "crackpots and criminals," according to an email obtained by Phoenix New Times. Read more.

Gannett Confiscates Pro-Union Arizona Republic Reporter's Work Phone

September 3, 2019

A human resources representative for Gannett confiscated the work phone of a reporter involved in a campaign to unionize the Phoenix newsroom, the reporter said on Facebook. Read more.

Arizona Republic Editor Warns Staff To ‘Carefully Consider The Consequences’ Of Unionizing

August 30, 2019

Greg Burton accused union sympathizers of “surveilling” other journalists, saying that’s something he’d expect of a murderer or child molester. Read more.